Spirituality, movement, & creativity.

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This space is for the nurturers, mothers, teachers, and caregivers.

My mission is to support you as you nourish yourself through your connection to spirituality, movement, and creativity. This provides the power to do your big work in the world.

As an artist I create imagery, stories, and experiences that teach us how to heal and cultivate more joy in our lives. I want to empower you as you become a creative channel for whatever dreams you’re holding in your heart.

You can do all of this from a place of deep rooted unconditional love.


the greatest gift you can offer the world is your own awakening



shamanism & meditation

Spirituality is about connection. It’s about finding a community where we can hold space for each other. It’s about trusting ourselves and the inspiration that finds us and actively participating in the process.

When we leave room for spirit, it can show up in all kinds of different ways such as visions, creative guides, or clarity around tough decisions.



mind + body connection

Modern life requires us to live from our neck up. When we start to feel disconnected and unsafe in our own bodies, movement can bring us back into ourselves. One intentional breath can bridge those empty spaces and nourish our entire being with prana (life-force energy). Maintaining this mind body connection uncovers an unstoppable power within you. It’s also essential for clearing and detoxing anything we’re holding onto that no longer serves us.



express your inner world

We are born creative. As you connect to your higher power and discover the strength that’s been in you all along, you may find creativity is the perfect tool to get it all out. Let yourself move, sing, dance, write, and paint whatever you discover. Your self-expression is the key to your own awakening.


My Story

I’m an artist, writer, yoga teacher, and mama.

The transition to motherhood has been one of the most challenging shifts in my life. I was not prepared for how consuming it would be and how hard I’d have to work to create space for myself and my passions. Somewhere during this struggle, I witnessed how powerful I was. I tapped into my inner wisdom in a way I never have before. I could also feel how much healing needs to happen within me, the women in my life, and the collective feminine energy on our planet.

I currently live in Ohio but will always be a beach bum at heart. Thank you for being here! The light in me honors the light in you.

stacey maney