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Book a Creative Session


Is there something you're needing more support around? These sessions are intuitive in nature and you will receive personal guidance. You can request any of the following themes below and the package that fits your needs. You can also come up with your own theme or we can connect and see what comes up. (You can share more about what you need when you book the call)  
I offer a very limited amount of 1:1 spots at a time. This intro call is a place to connect, share, and see how we can collaborate but it is not a mentoring call. Please book a longer session above if you need creative guidance. (Serious inquiries only please).


Inspiration for your session:

- Create your own vision board

- Accountability for making your dreams a reality

- Get clarity on what you're creating and you're overall vision

- Get feedback on a creative project 

- A healing session to connect you more deeply to what your body needs

- Connect with the Great Mother or a trusted guide

- Discover a structure to support you as a creative

- Clear an energetic blockage keeping you stuck

- Check in with your heart, womb, or any other part of your body and receive a message



For the best experience please read the disclaimer here before booking. Sessions are valid for a year.


Email with any questions.



"She is wonderful. When ever I need a ray of sunshine, Stacey is my go to. She is my friend through it all. She is so relatable, beautiful, and did I mention Creative! Awesomely artistic and talented.

Carolyn B.


Stacey’s heart is wide open.  She embodies Love, total presence and holds a space for you to breakthrough any breakdowns holding one back from being here now.

Veronique A.

Stacey was invaluable in assisting me at just the right time and in exactly the right way.  Her intuition and insight helped me recreate myself and bring into form my Spirit Project.  Her guided visualizations explored deep realms and facilitated deep healing.

Marsha F.


I am incredibly grateful that this journey led me to Stacey. She is a model for the divine feminine, with boundless love. Each one of our calls was supportive and brought me to where I needed to go next in my healing and growth. I am honored to now know her!

Faren P.


Stacey is a BRILLIANT STAR that SERIOUSLY shines into your own shadows of doubt or hesitancy and inspires you more than I can describe.  I came away from our calls and Going Deeper sessions literally sparkling with "I CAN DO THIS" - she is a gift to humanity.

Avea G.


 Working with Stacey is such a real and peaceful experience.  With such love she holds space and tunes in with her divine gifts, always showing up powerfully for the people she's working with.  Stacey is a beautiful human being and the type of friend that all feel blessed to know.  I noticed that her gifts open up more each time I meet with her and I've never met any purer embodiment of love.  She has helped me tremendously in various ways.

Daniel V.


Stacey is wonderful! She always has creative suggestions and solutions to support you. She is warm and welcoming and calming. She is also a good art instructor. I am looking forward to more teaching from Stacey!

Sheryl B.

Working with Stacey over the accountability calls is literally one of the best gifts I've ever had in life. Before Stacey, I never imagined I'd be super comfortable talking about things that I consider very intimate, in this case, my creative process. I ascribe the comfort not only to Stacey's personality and talent at guided visualisations, but also to our Taurus-Taurus bond. I love Stacey. I love who I am when I talk to her. Stacey is my new standard for authentic and mutual value-based friendships.


Stacey is an amazing artist and guide who holds space for others and helps people take their projects to the next level by creating beautiful graphics that really make things REAL! Her idea for me creating a piece of art that would become the backbone of my graphics was gold and I'm so glad that I had her guidance and presence in the process.

Luiza L.


Email with any questions.

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