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The Divine Feminine Consciousness

With Tara Preston

Episode 26:

This is the 3rd full conversation from the Awakening of Love Retreat.

In this conversation with Tara Preston we explore what the divine feminine energy is and how to support ourselves as women throughout the initiations in our lives. Tara leads a guided visualization to the Akashic field and shares a powerful transmission from that high vibrational space.

We discuss the following:

  • Initiations of the feminine

  • Anchoring into our power and creating stability

  • Honoring our cycles and natural rhythyms

  • An introduction to the Akashic records

  • A transmission and guided visualization from the Akashic field

  • How to embrace our uniqueness and why it matters that we do

Tara shares about the power of falling in love with the uniqueness of who you are and reflecting on how you shine differently than others.

I invite you to reflect on your unique energy and way of being and how it would feel to fall in love with all the parts of you - especially the ones that are different than others.

Tara Preston is the Founder of the Akashic Women’s School. Over the last decade she’s facilitated over 6,000 Akashic Record sessions, pioneering the studies of divine feminine consciousness & Akashic Record work.

Her most well known body of work being the Flower Of Life Akashic Healing Method (™). It's a body based, multidimensional method for supporting women in living their highest, embodied expression of new paradigm feminine prosperity, leadership & freedom.

Globally she's been supporting women over the last decade to rise in their embodied, authentic, spiritual leadership, while anchoring a new paradigm of feminine prosperity. Very often her transformational soul level work supports women leaders in opening to new found expressions of their evolutionary path, which often accompanies the birth of new sacred programs, or a business.

She lives in Northern Canada semi-off grid, on 12 acres of land, in a Mongolian yurt, with my daughter &

husband of 24 years.

Journal Prompt:

- What is your uniqueness?

- How do you shine differently?

- What makes you different and unique is your medicine so come back home to that and fall in love with it?

- What is the value and importance of your uniqueness?


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