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Welcome! I'm so happy you're here.

You were made to create whatever is in your heart and I'm here to support you along the way.

Planting A Seed Art Prompt

This is the perfect art prompt to support new beginnings.

Plant a seed for whatever you're needing in your life and create a piece of art to see it in full bloom.

The piece in this time lapse was a seed I planted after having a baby and becoming a mom. It represents self love and supported me in the postpartum stage.

I’m still blown away by how much this one exercise shifted my life and I hope it has a wonderful impact on yours too!

The Process

  1. Reflect on where you are in your life and where you are going. (No biggie right?) Be curious and gentle with yourself as you feel into what you need most for the next part of your journey. Think of the seed you're planting as an intentional way to move into the next chapter. It can symbolize your intention, a dream, a prayer, or whatever else is in your heart. Use this guided visualization if you need help. This is a great moment for some free flow writing if you get stuck.

  2. Imagine how this seed looks. What is the process it goes through as it blooms? What does it need in order not just to come alive but to thrive?

  3. Create a visual to land all of your discoveries on the page. This process will often bring up more insight so observe what happens. Notice what colors or patterns are in your flower. How many petals does it have? Is it a flower you're familiar with or an imaginary flower? How does your life begin to shift with the presence of this flower?

Begin again with Ease

You can use anything around your house to create your art. You might even be surprised at how all of the pieces come together. I used flower magazines from my mother-in-law, watercolor, acrylic, and leftover house paint.

As I created my art for this exercise I was most surprised at how my intention shifted. I started out thinking I needed productivity and more accomplishment but my art showed me the deeper truth. What I really needed was a new level of self love to heal from not just my daughter's birth, but my own birth as a mama.

Since creating this piece I've found ways to create more support for myself and my family. I've taken self care more seriously with more clear boundaries and more realistic expectations. This piece is now framed in the front room of our house. It's a beautiful reminder for me and has changed everything.

I trust and pray that the seed you're planting today can have the same impact in your life.

Music: Brief Moment by Caleb Etheridge

Video: shot and edited by Michael Maney


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