Winter Solstice Art Journey

Enjoy this self-guided journey to plant a seed in the quiet darkness of new beginnings.

This virtual space is for you. Give yourself a deep belly breath, a moment, and permission to explore.

What would it look like to move through the challenges of this last year and into a new place of possibility? Into pure creative potential.

1. Visual Meditation

Ready to go inward? Watch this video full screen for a cinematic experience.

This container is alive because you are here. You are joined by like-minded souls around the globe who are actively creating a better tomorrow.

Can you feel the energy beginning to shift?

2. Guided Visualization

Next let the guided visualization below bring more clarity as you connect to your higher self. Doing this part with headphones will keep it extra immersive.

3. Art Process

It’s time to let the truth of what you just unearthed come to life on the page. Create an image representing the seed you planted. How would that seed look in full bloom? There’s no right or wrong here. Follow your curiosity.

Check out this post to see the seed I planted after having a baby. You can see it come to life in the time lapse there.

The image represents self love and supported me in the postpartum stage. I’m still blown away by how much this one exercise shifted my life and I hope it has a wonderful impact on yours too!

Wishing you a new day filled with peace and magic!

Music: Deep Blue Sea by Sivan Talmor

Video: shot and edited by Michael Maney