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You were made to create whatever is in your heart and I'm here to support you along the way.

Intentional Entrepreneurship

With Samantha Mullett

Episode 28:

This one is for the heart centered entrepreneurs who are struggling to interweave the feminine energy into their business. In this conversation you'll hear Sam's take on the growth we can experience in our creative endeavors when we bring in intention and start to see how creating a business can be a spiritual practice. She even shares her favorite visualization for connecting to your creative ideas and it completely blew me away.

You can watch the conversation here if you prefer visuals:

When the right energy is behind something and it’s shared with the world with that authentic energy - it finds the right people and it grows.

We discuss the following:

  • Challenges faced by spiritual entrepreneurs in understanding technology and traditional marketing

  • Advice on breaking down overwhelming tasks into small, intentional steps aligned with authentic energy

  • Sam's signature meditation to envision projects as characters, fostering a deeper connection to whatever you're creating

  • The power of bringing feminine energy in to create a conscious, sustainable business and the power of intention to guide success.

Samantha Mullett:

Sam is a mindful business coach dedicated to helping others create authentic lives they love. After 12 years working in marketing and living in 5 different cities, she took the leap to work as a solopreneur and empower mindful businesses globally. Her unique background is at the intersection of spirituality and business. She went to business school at the University of San Francisco where she specialized in marketing, she became a Reiki master in Denver, Colorado, completed Vipassana meditation training in Montreal, Canada, and went to advertising school in Sydney, Australia. You can find out more on her web site.

Creative Prompts:

- Write down what came through for you during the visualization. What new creative idea is calling you?

- How does it feel to connect more deeply to this vision?

- What character came forward?

- Once this all feels clear and complete you can create a mood board to represent the essence of this creative vision.

If you love what Sam is sharing and would like to go deeper you can sign up for her FREE workshop Magnetizing Soul-Aligned Clients.

In this free workshop with Sam, you will understand: - Who a soul-aligned client is - How to attract soul-aligned clients - 10-min meditation exercise to understand who they are, what they are looking for, and identify limiting beliefs standing in your way - How to move through limiting beliefs blocking you from receiving clients

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