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Welcome! I'm so happy you're here.

You were made to create whatever is in your heart and I'm here to support you along the way.

A Message from the Water

An invitation to fill back up

Episode 22:

This episode features a message from the water as well as some prompts and things to think about as you create what's been on your heart.

If you'd like to spend more time with the water element check out this earlier episode - Healing Waters of the Sea.


There are more guides and angels here to support you than you can imagine. When you set your intention and connect to this higher dimension, you set off a chain of events. An electric pulse that says I'm here. When you say yes to this path to the flow that now surrounds you. You are met with magic. It is quite possible in these waters to become what you thought was out of reach. It is quite possible to forget who you are trying to be and settle into who you already are. Feeling the water between your fingertips. Allow yourself to soften. Allow yourself to open to her sweet message.

A Message from the Water

I Love You and I am here for you. I am life. I am the beginning. My waters will lead you towards the peace you seek. My waters are here for your purification now, forever moving towards the next channel, the next dimension, the next transformation. Until these narrow bends become vast and expansive. My turbulence is not something to fear. As you know how to navigate it. My expansiveness has nothing to constrain, it is a moment to inhale a moment to catch my breath. I am the bloodline of the world, carrying in me carrying in my very being the history of the planet. I've traveled underground and back to the surface over and over again, bridging the seen and unseen. I was the first to hold you in your mother's womb, keeping you afloat and nourish just as I do now, if you'll allow me back in. If you'll take this journey with me, I am the river and I can bring you to the sea. I moved from stillness, chaos, destruction, creation, anger, frustration, swelling and pulling.

Just as you do I am within every part of your being co creating with your thoughts to create your body and all the happenings within you. Drink Me in until you are filled back up and let yourself overflow with my nourishment to those around you. Let yourself be satisfied. Release release release sweet one. This journey is the reason you are here. The reason we have met.

Creative Prompts:

- What message does the water have for you today?

- Draw an image of water or your favorite body of water

- Take a bath, go to a nearby river, or find your own creative way to connect to water


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