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You're All Set!

FREE mini workshop on August 31 @ 1:00 - 2:30 pm EST
An email is being sent to your inbox with the link above. You will get reminders and an email sent the day of our call with the above Zoom link.
Create space in your schedule by clicking the button below to add the event to your calendar.
Click here on 8/31 to join the call. You'll get a reminder email with the same link below.
Book a Creative Session before or after this workshop to get support as you integrate what you discover.
 In this mini workshop Stacey will share about the importance of supporting ourselves as creatives, what that might look like, and the support structure she uses everyday. You'll have time to discover your own structures and connect with others doing the same.

Have your art supplies and journal nearby for this one! 

Or you can save the zoom link:
(Meeting ID: 825 9723 5103 Passcode: 993286)

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