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Claiming Your Creative Vision

FREE Community Call on March 2 @ 1:00 - 2:15 pm EST
Create space in your schedule by clicking the button below to add the event to your calendar.
Click here on 3/2 to join the call. You'll get a reminder email with the same link below.
Book a Creative Session before or after this workshop to get support as you integrate what you discover.

You're All Set!

You'll get reminders and an email sent the day of our call with the Zoom link. 

Join us as we tune into the energy of this year, the dragon archetype, and hear one of my favorite children’s books. You'll get a chance to claim your creative vision and what you’re being called to create next. Have your favorite art supplies and sketchbook nearby. You’ll also get behind the scenes updates on the School of Sacred Design.


A creative vision serves as a guiding light for us as we create what we need in this life. We all have a creative vision within us that can become a road map for the development and execution of our creative work.


When you discover what your creative vision is you'll have more clarity, direction, and purpose as you create. Your creative vision becomes the foundation and heartbeat for your creative expression. 


Email with any questions.

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