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Self Guided Vision Casting Workshop

Connect to your creative vision,

end the year with peace,

& align with the energy of 2024


...hitting the pause button on all of your to-do lists, finding a cozy spot in your home, and giving yourself some time and space to connect to what your creative soul needs.


Is there a creative project that's been on your heart?


Do you need to recenter before the holidays?

What would you discover if you gave yourself an opportunity to get clear on your creative journey, reorient yourself to the natural rhythms around and within you, and bring intention into the end of the year?

Sign up for this supportive workshop and step into the new year grounded, with a clear plan and renewed creative energy ready to thrive. Say goodbye

to the end of year anxiety and embrace the holidays knowing you're connected to your creative center, in alignment with your natural rhythm, and fully prepared for what comes next.

*You have lifetime access when you purchase this workshop so you can go back to the content as many times as needed. 

A One-Time Payment of 
$47 $27

Don't let the magic of the season slip away. Harness it to fuel your creativity! 
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Workshop Part 1: Preview

Workshop Part 2: Preview

Day2 Preview
Day 1 Preview

Sign up today for $27 and get access to:

- The recordings from our 2 live calls with teachings from Stacey & Rozlyn

- Learn about the numerology of 2023 and 2024

- Create your own inner compass using writing prompts & guided visualizations

- Time and space to get clear about what you're creating

- Discover any goal trauma that might be holding you back & how to shift the energy

- A chance to connect with other heart centered creatives

The Journey

You're invited to embark on a journey to gain clarity and peace around your creative vision. You'll also have a chance to create your own inner compass along the way and connect with others.

First we'll look at the body of work we've been creating (there might be more than you realize!) Then we'll hear about the numerology behind this year and the energy coming in 2024.

Using these insights we can align to the natural rhythms around us and within us so that we can create with more ease, intention, and flow.

We've even included a special section dedicated to goal trauma and how to understand the barriers that might be holding you back.

You'll leave with a clearer vision for your path and the tools to navigate it as you move forward!


Meet  Your Guides

Your Host:

Stacey Maney

Stacey is an artist and creative guide working with the frequency of unconditional love and teaching others how to do the same.


Stacey works with other creatives who are looking to love and express themselves in a bigger way than ever before. She holds space for a new generation of women who are empowered, fully supported, and nourished as they become powerful channels for their creative visions.

Special Guest:

Rozlyn Warren, CHt, ESLC

Rozlyn Warren, Intuitive Wealth and Abundance Coach for Soul-Led CEOs, is the founder of Sacred Life Mastery. Roz guides conscious visionaries and entrepreneurs already creating steady income in their business who know they haven’t begun to scratch the surface of what they’re capable of to break through to 6-figures (and beyond) while eliminating stress and overwhelm!

When not talking about possibilities, Roz loves to create art with fiber, paper, and paint.

You can always reach out to with any questions, concerns, or requests.  

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