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The following videos are designed as the first step for the School of Sacred Design students and anyone looking for deeper support tuning into what creative project or idea is waking up within them.


There's still time to join us in the school if you'd like to continue this journey within a supportive community. Our first live group call is May 11th!


Connecting to the energy of the Earth and coming into your body is an incredible first step and it changes everything. What would it feel like to continue working and creating within this potent space? What would be possible for you and in your life?

I'd love to have you with us in the school. I'll be sharing the first module this week so you can get a sense of the structure and teachings. Our first live group call is May 11th!

If you're unsure if the school is the right fit for you feel free to schedule a 15 minute call with me so we can tune into what you need. These calls are for serious inquiries only - let me know if you're needing deeper support from the Radiant Creative videos above.

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