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You were made to create whatever is in your heart and I'm here to support you along the way.

Walking the Way of Love

lWith Elayne Kalila Doughty

Episode 24:

This is the first full conversation with Elayne Kalila Doughty from The Awakening of Love virtual retreat. (Click here to learn more if you're interested in experiencing the retreat)

If you're feeling called to create with and embody new levels of love this episode is a beautiful starting place.

Elayne speaks to what it means and looks like to live from a place of love so that we can support the planet and all beings at this time.

We discuss the following:

  • The different meanings of love

  • How to walk the way of love

  • How the planet is shifting and how you can be a bridge for others

  • How our imagination is a portal for creativity

  • The energetic structure of the heart and why it's more powerful than our brains

Elayne Kalila Doughty, MA, MFT, has been on a path of passionate service for the past twenty years, inspiring women around the world to unleash their leadership gifts and step into their full potential. She specializes in helping women tap into their deepest wisdom, enabling them to harness their own transformational power to be more effective and whole in every aspect of their lives.

What does it look like for you to chose love more fully in your life as a daily practice

She is the founder of the Priestess Presence Temple a sisterhood of over 80.000 women around the world, and the Red Podcast: A Place for Bold Inspired, Outrageously Courageous & Just a Tad Bit Naughty Women Leaders To Gather… to talk about all the things that are most important in our lives!

You can find Elayne Kalila at or

When I first set out to create this retreat I knew there would be themes of coming back into our bodies and opening up to more love. I laugh now at my surprise when the conversations I had all seemed to anchor into the heart. Whether it's understanding the structure, how to navigate that space, or even how to understand more about our own hearts and what we need.

As we make the journey from our heads back into our physical body the heart is one of the first major portals we discover and meeting that space can be an initiation all of its own.

I encourage you to be gentle with yourself as you begin to open to higher levels of love. Our bodies can hold all kinds of experiences from our lives whether it's trauma, past memories, or lessons - as well as joy and personal achievements. Just know that if something comes up it is ready to be understood more deeply or possibly even cleared so you have more room to create whatever you need.

There are many paths to awakening and this conversation is a great overview to what that process might look and feel like.

Journal Prompt:

- What does it look like for you to choose love more fully in your life as a daily practice?


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