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Welcome! I'm so happy you're here.

You were made to create whatever is in your heart and I'm here to support you along the way.

Remembering Our Light

A Summer Solstice Journey

Episode 10:

This episode is a journey back to peace. Bring some gentleness and an open heart and get ready to receive the gifts of unearthing the parts of us we've kept in the shadows and fill up with love and light.

This meditation is perfect for the summer solstice or a time when you sense you're emerging from the darkness and stepping back into the light.

We are born into this world as a channel of unconditional love and we have the power to create exactly what we need in this life.

When we shift from consuming to creating we open back up to our full potential. We are no longer consumed by forces that do not have our highest good in mind and we engage with a higher level of love and insight. We become proactive instead of reactive.

My son has taught me one of my greatest lessons about peace during the pandemic. I got pregnant right before the world shut down. Up until that point I had never experienced that level of fear on the planet before and yet as he quietly grew inside of me, slowly becoming - I felt a deep sense of peace coming from his soul.

He taught me that peace begins in darkness.

It's not born within the sunny day when everything is going as planned - it comes in those moments of our deep surrender. Moments when we find ourselves on our knees calling in a higher power because what's in front of us feels too big for the human part of us - the part of us that is forever trying to control our outcomes.

It is from this space that peace begins. It may come in as a soft voice or guidance - showing you another way. Quite often this other way may feel scary and uncertain. It might require more courage and an open heart.

If you find yourself in this place and you hear that quiet whisper calling you back to peace could you trust what's in you're heart and follow the guidance? Could you trust that you are ready and capable to create solutions to whatever obstacle or problem is weighing heavy on your heart?

Sometimes an act of creation no matter how big or small can become our first step back onto the path to peace.

Journal Prompt:

- What do I get to create this summer that will bring more peace into my life?

Featured music by Salt of the Sound.


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