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Parenting after the Storm

A conversation with Dr. Robin Arthur and a practice to ease anxiety

Episode 8:

Discover a new approach to parenting your children and your own inner child during stressful times and learn a quick meditation to help reduce anxiety.

In this episode we discuss:

  • New approaches to parenting based on positive psychology, holistic, and strength based models

  • The question we should be asking ourselves instead of “What's wrong?” (this one is a complete shift for most of us)

  • A quick visualization to ease worry and anxiety

This conversation is a beautiful reminder that we each have the power to create peace and it can start in our homes and within our own families.

Dr. Robin Arthur, recently shifted her work to reach out to as many families as possible due to the mental health crisis with children. Dr. Robin Arthur is CEO of Transform Consulting LLC. She has several decades of experience providing transformative solutions for individuals and organizations in business and healthcare. Dr. Arthur was the Chief of Psychology at The Lindner Center of HOPE, a premier mental health hospital.

Her 25+ years of vast experience in working with children and families has resulted in significantly improved mental health and family relationships. Spirituality is infused in all of her work. She hopes her new digital masterclass will serve as a resource for parents everywhere.

One of my greatest concerns during the pandemic has been for our children and how these experiences are shaping their developmental years. Dr. Arthur addresses the effect the pandemic has had on children and families and shares how we can shift our mindset to teach our children how to weather any storm.

One of my favorite takeaways is to ask the question, "What is blocking me from my strengths?" instead of focusing on what's not working. Can you imagine the world if we came from that space while dealing with challenges?

I also love what she says about how our passion can be the pathway beyond these blockages.

"Tell me what you love about yourself, and what your passion is so we can use your passion or in positive psychology, the flow of your passion, to bring you out of the stress and anxiety and depression. Because when you're living in your flow, you're happy, and you're connected to your higher power." (Dr. Robin Arthur)

I know the last couple of years have been hard for you. I know you're still trying to fit parts of your life back together and they may never fit the same way again.

I also know that we can rise up to rebuild a better world together and it starts with you and me finding our own way back to peace. Back to wholeness. Back to a place that's even better than normal.

"Getting to a place of non judgment moves us into our strengths, and helps us see other people's strengths and the strengths of the world and the gifts of the world. And then it changes our whole perspective." (Dr. Robin Arthur)

If you'd like to go deeper into Dr. Arthur's work click on the links below:

This is the painting I created for Dr. Arthur's e-course. It's called Divine Grace.

May you feel love today whether you have children and/or your inner child is needing some extra attention. It's powerful and brave work to show up in this way and it matters that we do.


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