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You were made to create whatever is in your heart and I'm here to support you along the way.

Energetic Clearing


Episode 5:

There are rivers of energy just beneath the surface of the world we interact with everyday. Learn more about working with sage to clear the energies that no longer serve you. Check out the prayer at the end that you can repeat to yourself or hold in your heart as you do your own clearing ceremony.


- Sage comes from the Latin word salvere meaning "to heal"

- Smudging comes from Native American traditions. The best way to support these cultures is to purchase sage that is sustainably harvested and from an Indigenous company such as Mountain Rose Herbs. You can also purchase sage spray if you prefer from Indigenous companies Native Botanicals and/or Sequoia.

- Your intention is more powerful than the quantity you use. Only using a little at a time is just as powerful unless the space is calling for more.

- You can collect the ashes that fall as you burn the sage in a sea shell and wave around the smoke with a feather that is meaningful to you

- Make sure the windows and doors are open so there are exit points for the energy you're clearing

When to sage:

- During the change of season

- On the full moon or new moon

- After recovering from a cold

- After an argument or when there'e heaviness/tension in your home

- Before doing yoga

- Before creating art

- Before moments of intimacy

- Whenever you sense energy that needs to be cleared. Listen to your intuition.

A River of Energy:

We all have these containers in our lives, whether it's the container of your home, whether it's your body, the workspaces that you use, or even your belief systems. Think of each container as a structure that runs energy through it and within it. Everything is energy.

Below the physical rigid surface that you're so used to interacting with is a river of energy flowing through us and around us. This energy connects us to all things and each other.

For example, when you're working with Feng Shui, you're studying the way the energy enters your house, interacts with every part of it and then exits. The intention here is to become aware of the flow of energy and honor that flow by designing your space in a way that the energy can move through instead of being blocked or getting stuck.

When we're thinking about the most intimate structure we have access to, it's our own body. When we work with energy, we always start with ourselves. We can get blocked with our own thought patterns, food we're eating, the way we're holding our body, and trauma. All of these things can create energetic blockages in our body and in our energetic channel.

We clear this energy in order to release what no longer serves us, we clear the energy to mark the end of chapters, the end of sicknesses, or maybe it's just an old way of being that's become so tight, it feels like a snakeskin that's you're ready to shed. As we clear the energy we acknowledge our role as this channel, as a channel that bridges the seen and the unseen worlds. We use Sage and other tools with reverence. We use them in ceremony or as a ritual. These practices signal to the higher powers that we are ready to open and receive their guidance.

The process:

1. Light a candle and open the windows and doors.

2. Set your intention.

3. Find your breath.

4. Place a hand on your heart and connect to the highest frequency of love.

5. Light the sage and move it around your body. As you tune into your energy spend extra time in any areas where you're holding tension or any areas that need extra love. You can say the prayer below or your own.

6. When you're finished with yourself you can sage others with you and then your home.

7. When you feel complete blow out the candle as a symbol or sealing the work and closing the circle.

The prayer:

In this moment, I choose to release that which no longer serves me, I send it back to the light with love and gratitude. Whether or not I fully understand its purpose, I am open to receive unconditional love now, filling all of the new spaces within me with the lights of this love. Thank you great spirit for your support, and guidance.

I just want to tell you another thing that I told my daughter. If there's a part of you that's scared or overwhelmed by the energy that you're sensing around you right now, I want you to remember this. When you find and connect to God's love within you, you will have access to more love and light than you ever thought possible. This Love and Light will always be more powerful than whatever monsters or scary dark energy might be crossing your path. I wouldn't feel right telling my daughter that there's no such thing as monsters, or she should not be afraid. She's incredibly sensitive. And she's always been aware of these things, just as I'm sure you are as well.

Instead, I choose to focus on her light on the power of her heart, I acknowledge her fear and show her how to stand in her light. I know that you can do the same as you clear the things that no longer serve you and bravely stand in your light.

Wishing you happy clearing and new beginnings!


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