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Creativity and Crisis

Aimee Blair's story and meditation

Episode 6:

The last 2 years have been the most profound and collective crisis I’ve ever witnessed.

It’s important to address the impact of being in crisis mode and how to find your way out of it when the crisis is over.

When I reached out to my friend Aimee Blair about sharing her story I realized she had so much wisdom to share around this topic. In this talk she shares healthier ways to live in and move beyond crisis.

Aimee is an Intuitive Artist, teacher and creativity coach. She’s the founder of the Creative Compass Community and author/illustrator of the book Feminine Forms: A Guidebook for Reconnecting With the Feminine (you can purchase it here). Aimee lives in Connecticut with her husband and three daughters. She is passionate about creating loving, inclusive communities. She loves helping people re-connect to their Creative Heart.

In this episode we talk about how her motherhood journey started in crisis and what that looked like compared to how she navigated the crisis of the pandemic by allowing herself to lean into her creativity and in turn was able to support herself, her family, and her community in ways she never imagined were possible. She also offers a beautiful meditation at the end that will help you connect to the unlimited potential of your imagination to get clarity on what your creative vision is calling for next no matter what challenges you’re currently facing.

“There’s always something in your vision that’s pointing you in the direction of your creative dreams” (Aimee Blair)

Key Mindset Shifts to navigate crisis and creativity:

  1. Allow your creativity to support you during this time instead of thinking of it as another thing on your to-do list.

  2. Instead of quitting ask what can I create now during this time? Even if it's different than what you expected.

(Above: Cover art from Aimee's coloring book)

Aimee is an incredible example of what it looks like to move through life in a feminine way. I've witnessed the way she takes a powerful stand for herself, her family, and her creative vision over and over again and I'm inspired to see how her devotion to her art rippled out beyond her and into the lives of others.

Her coloring book is full of prompts and imagery of the divine feminine energy in all of her forms. I invite you to color in the image we picked for this episode (below) and see what message she has for you...

Meditation Journal Prompts:

- In a perfect world, in your wildest dreams, in a world without limits, what does your creative life look like?

2. What are you doing in this vision? What activities? How are you moving? What do you see?

3. Are there any details that feel important or calling your attention even if you’re not sure why?

4. What is one concrete step you can take based on what you discovered in your vision?

*You can right-click the coloring page above to save it to your computer and print it out

Aimee is currently offering her free class, 4 Keys to Unlocking Your Creative Gifts. Click the button below If you'd like to sign up. You'll also get added to her email list for updates and more of her offerings.

You can see more of her art in her coloring book. The illustration from the cover (on left) says it all. This book is filled with prompts and gorgeous imagery of the feminine in all her forms.

"We cannot create what we can't imagine" (Lucille Clifton)


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