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Welcome! I'm so happy you're here.

You were made to create whatever is in your heart and I'm here to support you along the way.

Creating with Your Body’s Intelligence

A conversation with Deborah Epstein

Episode 16:

Perhaps the answers you’ve been seeking are already within you and waiting to be discovered. Consider this conversation a pathway back into the sacred space that is your physical body.

* In this episode we discuss new ways to work with your body’s energy however this should not be taken as medical advice and it is still important to consult with a doctor and get any abnormality in the body tested to understand more about what’s going on *

How are you feeling in this moment as the world continues to shift and unfold into this next chapter?

How would it feel if you allowed yourself to arrive more fully into your body to check in?

New levels of support open up within you when you bring your body along on your creative journey. You can rest in the divine intelligence that’s interwoven within every cell of your being. An intelligence that wants to collaborate with you as you create and move throughout the day.

Today's episode is a conversation with my friend Deb Epstein all about working with this energy.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Understanding the basics of working with energy to heal and create from the cosmic level to the physical

  • Tools to help you navigate the energy around you and within you

  • A new perspective on healing and understanding what it means to you

  • A deeper look at the chaos happening on the planet right now and how it’s a sign of the collective transformation

  • A journey into your physical body to receive a message you’re ready to hear now

Deb is a visionary artist, shamanic practitioner, MFR therapist and spiritual creativity guide. She works in the creative, healing, and shamanic arts, supporting women to connect with their spiritual gifts, find their creative voices, and thrive in creating a life of their dreams.

Deborah currently offers 1:1 and group spiritual creativity guidance and mentoring sessions. She also offers unique and private 1:1 healing retreats utilizing creative expression, shamanic ceremony and MFR therapy in Sedona, AZ. Her newest project is the Cosmic Dreaming Lodge - a place to heal, dream and create.

As you become aware of the energy around you and within you you’ll start to notice your own patterns, the way you’re connected to all things, and how you can co-create with this energy to create the life of your dreams.

Deborah is offering a free gift for you to support you on this inward journey. Her Activating The Creative Heart meditative art exercise can help you open up your heart channel and ground you into expressing from your creative heart.

VOICE is a unique one-day virtual retreat that focuses on shamanic journeying and creative expression. Join Deb for this deep dive retreat to jumpstart your creativity, release your creative blocks and express your VOICE!


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