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Welcome! I'm so happy you're here.

You were made to create whatever is in your heart and I'm here to support you along the way.

Understanding Deep Connection

A Conversation with Jennifer Day

Episode 13:

I hope you're beginning to feel more peace in your life among the chaos and busy-ness of the everyday and all of the things in between.

This week's episode is a conversation I had with Jennifer Day about connection and the power that's available to us when we create with all the parts of ourselves.

This one is for you if you're feeling disconnected from yourself, others or your creative work.

In this episode Jennifer shares:

  • How the need for connection is affecting all of us right now

  • How we can connect with ourselves to connect more deeply with others

  • Changing our emotional patterns from reaction to recovery

  • Understanding the different parts of yourself

  • The 3 chakras Jen focuses on and adapted from the Q'uero Nation of Indians in Peru

  • A quick meditation to connect to these 3 potent energetic centers

Jen is a holistic life coach, art medicine practitioner, and shaman. She uses simple psychology and grounded spirituality to help guide clients to their goals and connect to their Selves. After teaching elementary and middle school for almost 30 years, Jen is supporting parents and families to achieve more peaceful households, more connected relationships, and more gentle navigation of life's challenges.

This time is for us to open our hearts and walk with love from 360° -those in front of us and those behind us. Those in our future and those in our past.

Art Prompt:

Draw an image representing the 3 energetic centers from the Q'uero Nation of Indians in Peru

- Root/pelvic bowl (Snake)

- Heart/throat (Jaguar)

- Crown (Condor)

My hope for you is that after listening to this episode you'll have some more tools in your tool kit that will support you as you create and live from your heart.

Featured music:

- This Life Of Time (Only Keys And Strings) - Beò

- Tree - Anbr


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