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Coming Home to Who We Are


Episode 2:

In this episode of Nectar I get to talk to a family friend Karen Vaske.

Karen is a clear channel of light and love.

She’s been offering spiritual guidance over the past 30 years in her messages, 1 on 1 readings, lectures, and events. We discuss what’s happening on the planet and to humanity, why it’s so important that we come home to ourselves and the treasure that awaits, and why this is truly a time of celebration. I hope you love the wisdom she shares as much as I do.

Karen's Prayer:

Thank you God,
For being one with us as it is our intention to go forward on this planet. To bring forward the light, the love, the joy, the laughter, and the spirit that encompasses all to see not only through our physical eyes but to see through the beauty of the oneness of all. That we are free to be as you have chosen and given us the gift of free will. Thank you God.
For this time together and our lives exactly the way they are thank you God.


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