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Welcome! I'm so happy you're here.

You were made to create whatever is in your heart and I'm here to support you along the way.

A Bridge to Peace


Episode 4:

This episode is a ceremony with a message from spirit, a song, and a prayer all about rediscovering the peace within you. Feel free to make it your own. You can even create your own Peace Ceremony to do by yourself or with loved ones.

Together we can build a bridge back to peace and find ways to create more peace in your life.

This one is for you whether you feel at peace and want to go deeper or feel disconnected from the energy of peace and want to get back into alignment. So grab a candle, a journal, and some art supplies.

I invite you to explore all of the things that come up with gentleness and grace.

Journal Prompts:

- What messages did you receive?

- Where you are in relation to your inner peace? Are you on the bridge, in the water, or looking for the path?

- What's stopping you from getting to that place of peace within you?

- What can you do to create more peace in your life?

Creative Practice:

- Draw the bridge that brings you deeper into peace.

- Paint an image of the waters of peace. See what words, images, and colors surface.

- Draw a self portrait of you at peace.

Wishing you peace and magic wherever you are on your journey!

Music: Canon in D Major performed by Ian Post
Music: Revelations by Tristan Barton


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