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Welcome! I'm so happy you're here.

You were made to create whatever is in your heart and I'm here to support you along the way.

A Prayer to the Blank Page

A studio practice and journal prompt

Episode 15:

As you continue on this journey allow yourself to feel into the potential of what's in front of you; what's waiting just beyond your next bold step.

Oftentimes we're so rushed and we put all of the pressure on ourselves to be productive before we even begin. It's easy to bypass that expansive moment before we put pen to paper or our brush to the canvas and dive into the act of creating.

Journal Prompts:

- What would happen if you allowed yourself an extra breath before you started creating?

- What would it look like to feel into the energy you'd like others to experience when they discover your creation? To fully embody that energy and let that energy be your anchor point.

- Write your own prayer that covers all of the things that matter most to you when you create. (think intention, energy, specific guides you're working with, the people you're creating for)

The energy I'm constantly anchoring back into is unconditional love. The effects of this energy often bring me more peace, wholeness, and depth.

When I create from this space of deep love what comes out has a different quality. My brush strokes carry a higher vibration.

People sense the emotional head space you're in within the layers and nuances of what you create. Whether you're creating a painting, song, or book. You could even take this practice of anchoring into love before you reorganize your house or cook a meal. Imagine infusing a meal with whatever energetic medicine your family currently needs instead of rushing to get everything on the table. I know it's not always possible - but it is a transformative practice; especially when you make it your own.

I wrote this prayer as a way to keep me centered, as something I can come back to over and over again before I create. You can see how I have my intention and the energy I'm working with as part of the words. If this resonates with you, you can download the file below and keep it somewhere in your studio.

I invite you to try out your own prayer too and see what opens up.

A Prayer to the Blank Page

A prayer to the blank page.

To pure white potential.

A prayer to my next creation.

Gratitude to the wisdom I have found that's ready to come out.

To the ones supporting me.

My heart is open.

My mind at peace.

May my hands become a portal.

My breath the bridge between my inner and outer world.

Bridging the seen and unseen.

May I reflect what is honest, real, and raw.

Leaving room for all of my human tendencies and my curves.

May I surrender to the creative flow that moves me and moves through me.

Anchoring in Unconditional Love

And stepping into Sacred Space.

- Stacey Maney


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