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Welcome! I'm so happy you're here.

You were made to create whatever is in your heart and I'm here to support you along the way.

A Path to Peace

The Invitation

Episode 21:

Dive deeper into the waters of peace as you set out on your creative journey. This episode features some writing, a visualization, and questions to journal with as you step closer to peace.

In this episode you will:

  • Hear some of my writing that inspired the theme of peace

  • Be invited into the waters of unconditional love and creativity

  • Learn the canoe visual that's supported me in trusting the creative process

The path to peace starts within. There is no way to get around this simple truth.

It is your birthright, the deepest dream in your heart, waiting to be realized, waiting to be acknowledged. It is within. It is within the walls and constructs of your body that you will find peace. Peace is a messenger for what your soul's purpose is. It is not a question or a statement, but an invitation, an invitation to go deeper. An invitation to let the fury of the external world fade away. An invitation into the world that has yet to be seen and felt and heard. This voice within us signaling there is more is divine. This voice within you knows the way. You can choose to listen to it as often as you'd like. It is in the quiet spaces of your mind. Like geese flying over the water at sunset. You might miss it if you haven't slowed down. If you haven't given yourself the time and space to hear her call.

This is for you, dear one, so you can hear her song. So you can step back into her waters one moment at a time. One intentional, brave, playful and curious step at a time. Can you feel your energy shift around the possibility of stepping into peace? Can you remember how natural and easeful the pathway is? Can you set down whatever you were carrying and leave it on the shoreline? So you can swim freely with both arms? Full bodied? Can you trust this space and her energy enough to let yourself be held? Vulnerable and free? stripped down to the essence of who you are and who you are becoming; leaving nothing covered. Can you step into her waters with open hands and an open heart? Feel her flow beneath your feet. How she calls you into the momentum of her bloodstream. Feel her pull, strong and gentle all at once. Kiss the riverbank farewell as you honor the earth. You are a part of the rocks and creatures around you. They are your family. Strip down to the barest most pure version of yourself so you are ready to begin. Invite in the four directions - the north, south, east and west, inviting your ancestors, family, and children into this sacred space. For this work affects us all. It's ripple touches everyone and forever shifts the current of our collective mind.

Dear One, are you ready? Step in step in step in. It is time to begin.

Journal Prompts:

- Is there a creative project that you could step a little deeper into at this time?

- How would it feel?

- What would that look like?


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