A Prayer for Peace

A prayer from my heart to yours as we embark on this new beginning.

Wherever you're finding yourself right now is OK. Even if it’s not what you had in mind. You are enough. Before you make your next vision board or create a new set of goals can you acknowledge just how much you've moved through?

If you let yourself be still with a hand over your heart what would she tell you? What does she need?

I keep going back to peace. I need to continually anchor my being into the pure energy of peace. I'm amazed at the simplicity and wisdom that comes from this space.

This poem came to me as I was thinking about what I needed the most too.

A Prayer for Peace

May you feel a deep connection to the Earth as you allow yourself to expand beyond the stars. May you soften the parts of you that have hardened over time - knowing it’s ok to surrender what you cannot control. May you feel abundance all around you and step back into the flow of her plentiful waters. May your scars become a map of deep healing and reveal your strength. May you come back home to yourself and celebrate the wholeness that has been there all along. May you set down everything you thought you needed to carry and offer your open hands back to spirit. Trusting the guidance you receive. Above all may you create an unshakeable inner peace rooted in unconditional love. A peace that fills you up and overflows to all of those around you. A peace that ripples out far and wide - forever shifting the energy of the planet. A peace that becomes the bridge to a new era for all beings.

- Stacey Maney