The Power of Simplicity

Here's a quick writing exercise to help you move out of complexity and into the energy of simplicity.

When I think of simplicity I can’t help but think of my little girl.

She’s 3 years old and things are simple for her. She likes something or she doesn’t. She’s hungry or full.

The toy dinosaurs are friends with her zoo animals and no questions are asked. She moves through life without a filter and maintains a natural clarity.

The ways I overcomplicate my life are self imposed. At some point I learned how to create my own chaos and today I’m committing to a more simple approach. For my inner child, for my daughter, and for the creative vision I hold in my heart.

I breathe in simplicity like the breath I forgot to take and am ready to move forward with a lighter heart.

As this ever-challenging year comes to a close I can’t help but feel a collective exhaustion.

An open wound that needs tending.

Things got complicated.

All of our stuff came up.

It’s no surprise that somewhere within all of the chaos the “simplicity” card was drawn during our winter solstice ceremony and I can’t help but feel a full body YES to that energy.

The visual of the white feather beckoning us back to a more nourishing way of being feels soft and liberating.

How do we continue this way?

Where do we even begin to pick up all of the broken pieces?

What would our lives become if we embraced all that simplicity has to offer?

Here’s a quick writing exercise to help you move into the energy of simplicity. I suggest doing this quickly to keep the inner critic quiet.

Try this exercise: