13 Nourishing Practices For Mamas During Uncertain Times

Try any one of these practices when the world seems out of control and you need to find your center.

Dear Mama,

I know you’re scared right now.

I know you’re overwhelmed.

I know you want your family happy and healthy more than anything else.

I see you and I believe in you. I know you can gracefully move through the uncertainty you're facing with the same transformative, unconditional love that you give Every. Single. Day.

Here’s some practices that may help ease your pain. I’m not saying they will take away all of the problems. My hope is that they bring you peace as you navigate the rough seas.

Surrender and trust that whatever lies in front of you is for your highest good. Trust that the challenges in your life are part of your journey and will ultimately become your deepest, most treasured lessons.

1. Stay Present

This is not the time to beat yourself up your mistakes or obsess over all of the things that could happen in the following days, weeks, and months. Of course there’s a healthy dose of awareness and preparedness, but if you spend all of your energy analyzing the past and worrying over the future you will feel depleted to face what’s in front of you. Instead focus on where you and your family are now. Sometimes the most challenging times can bring simple pleasures you won’t want to miss.

2. Breathe

We tend to hold our breaths when we’re anxious or scared. Everything tightens up and it’s hard to think. A deep belly breath is the perfect remedy to bring you back into your body. When you find yourself overwhelmed, try a few of these in a row. Feel your belly fill up like a balloon and enjoy the renewed sense of ease throughout your whole system. Teach your husband and kids how to do this too and you can all keep each other in check.

3. Trust Your Intuition

Mama’s intuition is no joke. This is the time to fully trust what is coming up for you and what you know is best for your family. Now that you are breathing and present, you will be able to hear that quiet inner voice a little better. Tuning in to our intuition is like a muscle; the more we practice it the stronger it gets.

4. Create Clear Boundaries

How many of us dream of setting more serious boundaries in our lives to protect what’s most important? There’s never been a better time to set aside your inner people-pleaser and clearly communicate with your loved ones what is acceptable and what isn’t. On the other side of an uncomfortable conversation could be more space and time for what needs the most attention.

5. Spend time in Nature

When the world feels like it’s going crazy allow yourself to roam around your favorite trails or even play in your yard. There’s nothing more immediately calming and exhilarating than stepping outside. It’s grounding and always helps us recenter. Open your windows and let all that stagnant energy out. Fresh air is the best medicine and bonus points if you add some belly breathing here.